Sunday, September 18, 2011

French Macaron Class in DC

French macarons. I know they are so trendy right now, but I have been wanting to learn how to make them forever. I'm usually good at reading a recipe and teaching myself, but these always have intimidated me. As I searched for a pastry class about French macarons, I came across the seasonal classes they offer at Adour in DC (located inside the St. Regis Hotel - so posh!). As one of my birthday presents to myself this year I decided to sign up for the class this weekend. Each class Chef Fabrice teaches you a different flavor macaron as well as an additional french pastry. This class we learned how to make macarons filled with a lemon chocolate ganache filling. I never new chocolate and lemon could work together, but it did!. We also learned how to make a basic french financier (for those of us who don't speak French like myself, it sounds like "fin-on-see-ay" ;-).

I learned how time consuming these suckers can be. Some important tips I learned for making French macarons:
-temper the eggs for at least 24 hrs
-it is best to weigh your ingredients (so I guess my next purchase will be a scale)
-the dry ingredients must sit out over night to "dry" more (becuase of the oils in the almond flour).
But in the end it is totally worth the wait for these little delicious French pastries. I am excited to try them for myself with all the endless flavor combinations you can create.

Here are the finished products...

Lemon Chocolate Ganache Macarons

Lemon Financiers

Details about the class if you are interested:
-Held at the Adour restaurant located at the St. Regis Hotel D.C.
-Cost was $75 for this class
-When you arrive there are pastries, coffee and tea to munch on
-You get to go home with a box of fresh made French Macaroons