Saturday, June 5, 2010

I won!

I never win anything!! I entered the cupcake decorating contest at a cupcakery in DC called Hello Cupcake. We had to design a cupcake to represent a DC neighborhood or a political statement. I chose Chinatown and "Going Green". There were some really awesome entries! Here were mine:Lo Mein - to represent Chinatown, is a green tea w/ red bean cupcake topped with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Icing was tinted with gel food colors then piped on and the peas, carrots and chop sticks are fondant.
Recycle - to represent going green, is green tea swirled with blue vanilla - to represent earth - and white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Topped with fondant flowers, vines, leaves and a recycle symbol.
Fortune cookie - to represent Chinatown, is a ginger cupcake topped with citrus cream cheese frosting. Decor includes edible star glitter (represent the stars in the Chinese flag), fondant fortune cookie and fortunes. It says "EAT CUPCAKE. BE HAPPY." and "HELLO CHINATOWN" on the fortunes.

Turns out the competition was only for decor, so they didn't get to taste it, but that was ok! My friends and family enjoyed the extras :) But anywho...

The winning cupcake....drum roll.... the lo mein one! For overall cupcake and "most likely to be eaten."

And here is what I won:
Can't believe it... I'm still in awe!!!!! Thank you Hello Cupcake and Kitchen Aid :) Congrats to all the other entries too :) And thanks to the judges!

UPDATE: There is a second leg of the competition! Please go vote online for my friend's cupcake (it's the cute elephant one :) VOTE HERE

UPDATE II : So I had NO idea my other 2 cupcakes made it to the online competition! So after you vote for the elephant, feel free to vote for the fortune cookie and recycle cupcake!


  1. Awesome, Cara!!!! Congrats--you totally deserve to win. You're so talented :) Hard work pays off! Love, Martha-Alice

  2. Congratulations!!! Love the cupcakes, and I won't mind winning the mixer.. ;)

  3. Congrats! Those cupcakes were awesome. So original!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! What's funny is the one that won was not the one that I expected at all to win... was definitely a nice surprise :)

  5. Thanks for the link Cara! Your cupcakes were amazing!

  6. Cara, your lo mein cupcake was amazing. I must've studied it for a good 5 minutes when I first saw it. Congrats on your win - you deserved it!

  7. These cupcakes were so inventive and really cute! Congrats on your win! I found you blog through The Cupcake Cauldron and I decided to start following you. I like your work. I also have a baking blog:

    I hope you'll check it out and follow if you get a chance.

    Happy baking!

  8. Ali - thanks! love you blog name and ur blog... ur cupcakes were awesome too!!

    Nikki - thanks so much i'll be sure to check it out :-D