Friday, June 25, 2010

Ate My Way Through Philly

This has been a crazzzzy week! After the wedding cupcake/cake tower for my friends wedding, it was all about my project for my grad school class. Let's just say I got about an average 4hrs sleep for 3 nights straight! But it's turned in, the class is done...and now I wait for my grade. The boy and I decided to head up to Philadelphia for the night/day so I could relax (which I have not done in quite a few weeks now) and of course EAT :-)

Today's menu: Soft Pretzels for breakfast, cheesesteak taste test for dinner (Pat's vs. Tony Lukes and Pat's won)
Can you get any more Philly than that?! Oh and of course cupcakes! Haha... And since I'm not baking, I'll review instead. I must first state I am in no way a food critic! I just feel like giving my 2 cents in this post today :)

Now on to the good stuff the...the cupcakes!! I tried 2 places today: Philly Cupcake and Grocery Inc. Both were good, but had their flaws and I'm basing my review on only 1 cupcake from each place. First was Philly Cupcake - relatively new, it was soooo cute when you walk in. I'm a sucker for ambiance and decor I will admit it (I wish I got a pic). I love love loved the way they keep the cupcakes on display in this vintage hutch kinda thing. I decided to get the white velvet raspberry cupcake. It was good, with smooth frosting, not too overly sweet. As for the negative things about it, I couldn't really taste the raspberry in the frosting, and the cake was a little grocery storish. Oh and it was $4 cash only :-/ Little steep in my opinion....

Second place was Grocery, around the corner. I had seen them while driving by - I noticed the cute cake plates first, then saw that they had actual real cupcakes on them. I decided on the Lolita - an ancho chili chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and chili roasted peanuts. Sound's good huh?? As for the positives: cheap! $1.95 for a cupcake and if you get the little cupcake protector (which I have been wanting for awhile now) it's only $5 for the protector and it comes with the cupcake...So for only $1 more, I got a cupcake AND a reusable cupcake protector thingy. Overall tasted good but not great. Negatives: did not taste any ancho chili :( And you could tell it had been sitting out for awhile and what brought me in (seeing them in the window) was also the downfall because it was SO hot that day and the sun was shining in the windows right on them. Of course I did not think of that until after I purchased them, but as my BF says - I have a stomach of steal. I've eatin street food around the world and *knock on wood* have not gotten sick yet ;-)
Though I didn't find THE cupcake place in Philly, I had fun trying them out. Why did I choose such an expensive hobby again?! lol. Lastly, in honor of cupcakes I changed the sheets on the bed before the boy could say anything lol.... and looks like our dog Rocco is enjoying :)
Thanks mom for the cupcake quilt!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rachel and Mike's Wedding

This weekend was the second wedding cake/cupcake tower I did for June. It was for our friends Mike and Rachel and this was my wedding gift to them! I think they enjoyed it a lot...and Mike loved the Redskins groom's cupcakes ;-)

What a great wedding you two :) Enjoy the honeymoon!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flowery Birthday

A flowery birthday order today... I ended up adding more fondant flowers than a usual order. I kind of get carried away if I'm really into something :)

Love this quote!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Purple and Orange Wedding

One wedding tower done... one more to go!! Here's a cupcake tower and cake I made for a wedding this weekend. Flavors included: red velvet, chocolate orange, and peanut butter cup :) A few days "rest" and I'll be getting things ready for another wedding for a friend of mine, for next weekend.

PS: Summer heat + cupcakes = NOT FUN!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Apple for Teacher

As I'm getting stuff ready for this weekends wedding cupcake/cake tower, and the school year is winding down, I actually had time to whip up a dozen cupcakes for some of the teachers I substitute for. I also dropped some off for the front office staff too ;-) Is there anything cuter and more perfect than an apple cupcake for a teacher? I saw this idea in the "What's new cupcake?" book and just knew I wanted to try it!

How cute are they?! They taste good too - red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese frosting :)

Not to change topics suddenly, but I just wanted to note that the DC Cupcake contest I had participated in this past weekend has been on a few blogs! Check'em out:

*Sigh* Now back to making batches upon batches of frosting for this weekends wedding.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Professional Pics

My friend Erin (the one I made my very first wedding cake for) received her professional pics from the wedding photographer! What an amazing difference the picture quality is... if only I had one of those cameras ;-)

All pics were taken by Franz de Leon Photography.
Thank you Erin for letting me post the pictures!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I won!

I never win anything!! I entered the cupcake decorating contest at a cupcakery in DC called Hello Cupcake. We had to design a cupcake to represent a DC neighborhood or a political statement. I chose Chinatown and "Going Green". There were some really awesome entries! Here were mine:Lo Mein - to represent Chinatown, is a green tea w/ red bean cupcake topped with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Icing was tinted with gel food colors then piped on and the peas, carrots and chop sticks are fondant.
Recycle - to represent going green, is green tea swirled with blue vanilla - to represent earth - and white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Topped with fondant flowers, vines, leaves and a recycle symbol.
Fortune cookie - to represent Chinatown, is a ginger cupcake topped with citrus cream cheese frosting. Decor includes edible star glitter (represent the stars in the Chinese flag), fondant fortune cookie and fortunes. It says "EAT CUPCAKE. BE HAPPY." and "HELLO CHINATOWN" on the fortunes.

Turns out the competition was only for decor, so they didn't get to taste it, but that was ok! My friends and family enjoyed the extras :) But anywho...

The winning cupcake....drum roll.... the lo mein one! For overall cupcake and "most likely to be eaten."

And here is what I won:
Can't believe it... I'm still in awe!!!!! Thank you Hello Cupcake and Kitchen Aid :) Congrats to all the other entries too :) And thanks to the judges!

UPDATE: There is a second leg of the competition! Please go vote online for my friend's cupcake (it's the cute elephant one :) VOTE HERE

UPDATE II : So I had NO idea my other 2 cupcakes made it to the online competition! So after you vote for the elephant, feel free to vote for the fortune cookie and recycle cupcake!