Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Professional Pics

My friend Erin (the one I made my very first wedding cake for) received her professional pics from the wedding photographer! What an amazing difference the picture quality is... if only I had one of those cameras ;-)

All pics were taken by Franz de Leon Photography.
Thank you Erin for letting me post the pictures!


  1. What a cute cake! And the photos are amazing!!!

  2. I love professional photos - it inspired me to save up my cupcake money for a few months rather than spend it on other things like handbags =( and get a nice camera. Even though I really have no idea how to use the features of the SLR, the pics have been so much better!

  3. They are lovely photos and the cake looks super.

  4. I have so many clients that would DIE for that cake topper. I may have to enter this into our "topper of the month" contest. Where did you get the Adirondack chairs?

    You're right, a quality camera makes all the difference!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone :) and thanks to FDL for the beautiful photos! One day I'll have a nice camera...

    Caketop - I'm so flattered! Please feel free to enter it :) As for the chairs - you can get them from miniature dollhouse furniture sites (I thank the bride for discovering that for me!)

  6. @TheCakeTop I ordered the chairs from:
    (the price went up 2 bucks from when I had ordered them.. but Free Shipping!!)
    I still have the fondont and chair toppers!!! Sooo cute!!!!!!!! They turned out beyond amazing!! We picked out things that represented karl and I and Cara just brought them to life! The tiny writing on the soda can still boggles me!!