Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Birthday

A friend of mine asked me to make some cupcakes for his girlfriend's birthday. He let me do anything I wanted, except the flavor had to be red velvet - her fave ;-) Since Valentine's Day is around the corner I used that as inspiration.

Even though I cannot stand the taste of those conversation hearts, I do think they are fun to look at. I made fondant conversation hearts and I thought it would be a cute idea to write things on each heart that had to do with them as a couple.
Some phrases I used: "family" (since they are expecting), "farmville" (she loves that game), to really personalize it. I also put fun fondant curly ribbon on some of the cakes to make it more birthday-ish :)

So I had some left over red velvet batter and wanted to create something... I came up with a "red bottom" cupcake.

It's red velvet and cheesecake cupcake with chocolate chips. Traditionally you use a chocolate cake on the bottom. I attempted to make the cheesecake part look like a heart ...FAIL! But it tasted good. You don't even need frosting. You know I've met quite a few people who ... dare I say this....don't care for frosting!
(My BF included... but I've been working on that ;-) ~Cara Lee


  1. OMG i love red velvet cupcakes.. and i love black bottom cupcakes (i'm one of those.. fine with icingless cupcakes people)... so to merge the two together!! OMG Yum!!

  2. I just wanna tell one word: DELICIOUS!

  3. why thank you ladies! they were very tasty... that why i took the rest to work so they would not be around to tempt me! lol ;-)

  4. I had the pleasure of trying those cupcakes.. REALLY GOOD! My diet hated you that night..haha

  5. Hi Kev, I'm glad you enjoyed the cupcakes... I'm surprised she shared them ;-)