Monday, March 7, 2011

Butterfly Bridal Shower

I had the honor of putting together one of my closest friend's bridal shower together this weekend. I was excited to be able to choose the theme and everything.

I knew I wanted something with butterflies and the color purple since that is her wedding theme. I went to one of my favorite sites for inspiration: etsy. I truly admire the talent so many people have on that site. In my search for all things butterflies and purple, I came across the Frog Prince Paperie. Paula, of the Frog Prince Paperie was so kind and personalized what was originally a birthday party idea into a bridal shower theme for me. Here's how the party turned out...

The decor/theme: butterflies, purple with green accents. I loved Paula's simple butterfly theme. She made water bottle labels, cupcake topper (I couldn't find the right size scalloped punch to make them as pretty as I wanted); bag labels; and banner (and more but I just didn't have time to use all the materials she created). The guests loved the personal touches it added to the party :)

The main table: I was excited the bride's mom had an area to set up the cupcake tower and cookie favors (made by the bride's mom too). I hung up the banner over it - looking back, maybe I should have hung the banner over the mirror, but ah well. I also added some flowers on each side.

The food table: Thanks to the lovely bridesmaids who helped put together the main food which included brie with hot pepper jam, spanikopita, mini quiche, hummus and veggies, fruit and more. I love the center piece I came up with the day of - green and purple vases .99 cents each at the thrift store; the L and B initials $1.00 each at Michael's; LOVE sign the bride's mom already had; flowers from the local grocery store for around $20 total. Not bad!

Desserts I made: As you know from my blog I love dessert :) I made lemon blackberry cupcakes, coconut macaroons and white chocolate dipped oreos. The cupcakes made a great center piece on the main table.

I was so happy with the final result! This was only the second party I've gotten to really put together. There was a lot more detail I wanted to add, but time constraints (grad school, work, etc.) but I'm happy with what we ended up with. I'm ready to start planning the next party! Thanks to the bridesmaids for all the help; to the bride's mom for letting us use her house and making the sugar cookie favors; and the Frog Prince Paperie for the designs.


  1. Lovely work ladies, I hope that Lindsay enjoyed her shower!

  2. Wow! What a spread! And what a lucky friend
    You did a positively gorgeous job!!

  3. I love the lavander color, everything came out so beautiful

  4. Thanks so much ladies! I had so much more ideas to add... will just have to do that for the next party :)

  5. As the mom of the bride I will tell you it was impressive! Her bridesmaids went out of their way to make such a wonderful spread. Lindsay knew who to pick as the Maid of Honor, Cara is Martha Stewart. (young version of course) The paper touches from The Frog Prince Paperie were perfect. I will be using them for my next party!!!!!!Thanks again, Cara, we love you!

  6. THOSE OREOS WERE AMAZING! everything was of course, but this was the first time I had those oreos! goodness!
    Mocks Mommas Sugar cookies were amazing as well. I goobled up three of those!