Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food Wanderlust...

Location: Beijing, China 2007

I did a lot of traveling though Asia during the summers of 2007 and 2008. I taught English in China and then traveled through out SE Asia (Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam). I tried to keep a travel blog but it was just too complicated and time consuming for me - I fit in many countries in a limited time. I'd be in a smokey internet cafe, filled with teenage gamers for over 2 hrs and still be working on one entry, trying to put in all the details, and pictures. So I hope to add some travel stories and pictures in this blog when ever I get a chance :)

Tonight I felt inspired to write about some of the amazing food I came across in my travels. I love food and traveling! And so does my boyfriend, who did a lot of traveling with me. I wish I took more pictures of the food we ate while traveling. It seemed no matter where we went, we were always trying the local cuisine and planning where to eat next. What better way to learn about the culture of a country than through their food. Asia is an amazing place eat. I remember going to the doctors for a physical before I left for Asia. "Don't drink the water and stay away from street food" they told me. And what did I do there? I drank bottled water and ate at the food stalls. It's where the locals eat and where some of the best and affordable food is located. Here are some of my favorite "food" pics I took while traveling. Hope you enjoy the food journey through Asia....

[Insert Travel Pics Here]

Ok so where are the pics?! I just spent 3 nights trying to upload and format the pics for the blog. Everytime it looked like crap - everything moved around when I would publish it. I tried to re-format...and it DELETED everything :( So I officially gave up. It should NEVER take this long to write a simple blog. I'll try again another time - as in upload a few at a time! Ughh.. so frustrated right now. <3 Cara Lee

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