Thursday, April 9, 2009

My 2nd attempt at a blog!

So this is my second attempt at writing a blog! It's going to be quite random until I can decide on what I want to write about. My head is just swarming with all these thoughts and ideas and I figured a blog could help me get them out there. Maybe even help others, who knows!

As some of you know I do love to travel and you can find some of my travel blog from Asia here. A blog takes a lot of time, especially when traveling overseas and all you have access to is random smokey internet cafes. Maybe I'll try to update it sometime down the road :)

For now, my new blog will be filled with random things... cupcakes, travels, funny videos and links, gift ideas, food and drinks, my bulldog ....who knows! For now, I'll leave you with Rocco as the Easter Bulldog! <3>Cara Lee

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