Thursday, August 27, 2009

"That's why they invented sprinkles..."

Tonight Ash and I decided to do some baking. I had been wanting to try to make How Sweet It Is bakery's Mexican Pudding Filled Cupcakes, and since I had a lot of the ingredients - including the Mexican chocolate, we figured why not??

Some highlights of the evening:
-I had almost put all the cupcake batter in the liners when I realized I had f
orgotten the egg yolks! (oops) Had to scrape all the liners back into the bowl and add the yolks.
-Over a dozen eggs later, we could not make the freakin chocolate butter cream icing the recipe called for!! 1st time, I added the butter too soon; 2nd time we beat the egg whites and sugar for almost 30 mins and NO peaks :( We think there might have been a little egg yolk mixed in as well as the extra humidity outside today which probably affected it. Ended up making a simple chocolate butter cream - not my best frosting I must say.
-Allie brought us Georgetown Cupcakes while we were baking cupcakes... I just want to learn how G-town makes their icing - its SO good! The cake is so good too... everything there is good!
-Ashley attempted to ice her half of the cupcakes... and that's why they invented sprinkles!
On a sugar high now!! Two days of baking back to back <3 Cara Lee

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