Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cupcakes, cupcakes and a cake!

Cupcakes for Breast Cancer Awareness
WOW! So much has happened since my last post. I've had a wonderful September not only because it was my birthday, and I got the interview date for grad school, BUT I got some cupcake gigs and a birthday cake gig!
As you know I love to bake and will find any excuse to. I started a new job at this restaurant at the end of August - a privately owned place, wine bar cafe. I made a few things a couple times and the owners really liked them - including my cupcakes :) Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness, they asked me to bake cupcakes for the WHOLE month of October! All proceeds will be going to Breast Cancer research. I'm SO excited, but SO nervous! I will be baking EVERY day for a month straight. I'm narrowing down my choices on flavors, but I am thinking an almond cupcake w/ a light lavender buttercream and a Mexican chocolate cupcake. All will be topped off with a pink fondant ribbon. Wish me luck!

Cupcakes for my friend's B-day - Almond cake and a variety of icings...Cherry Amaretto, Chocolate, and Lavender buttercream.

Along with the cupcakes, one of the owners asked me to make a birthday cake for his son's 2nd birthday. I decided to be ambitious and make my first 3 layer stacked cake! It will be a super hero theme. I planned it all out, and I can visualize it in my head... I'm just trying to plan for "the worst case scenario." I can't wait to put it together this weekend and post pics!
I have two other cupcake "events" - one is for my aunt's engagement party and the other is for a girl I work with, for her sorority. October is gonna be CRAZY!! But I'm so happy I have been given these opportunities. Can't wait to post pic updates of all the baking I will be doing :)

My new cupcake carrier I got for my Bday!

Also today I found a new cupcake place at the mall. Its called YoCakes! And it has two of my favorite foods: cupcakes and frozen yogurt. It was the grand opening today, so everything was 50% off - I tried 3 cupcakes. Vanilla/Vanilla, Chocolate/Vanilla, and Strawberry. The cake parts were great, the icing on the vanilla and the chocolate were good. The strawberry was not so good - did not even taste like strawberry. The design of the cakes and set up of the place is kinda like Georgetown cupcakes. I'd go here, but not go out of my way to go her. I still am waiting for Georgetown Cupcakes to be built in Bethesda!! I can't wait :)

September has been such a great month - October should be even better (even though I have a feeling I'm gonna be a little stressed out!) ~Cara Lee

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