Monday, March 22, 2010

My First Cake Show

So this past weekend I attended my very first cake show - The Capitol Area Cake Show. It was such a learning experience!! It was so nice to meet with people who all have something in common. While there, I did take a gum paste flowers class (they looked terrible so I did not take a picture). There was a live cake challenge (you had to pay to see it though), and lots of "cake celebs" (no Duff or Buddy). I was a bit overwhelmed with all the vendors - I wanted to buy everything (why did I pick such an expensive hobby?! *lol*) but just bought a few small things - that added to about $80!

As for the cakes on display, it's just amazing what people can do with cake and cake decorating. Here are just a FEW cakes from the show that I liked. I wish I had my camera, I took these with my phone. There were tons of other cute ones - including a Filet O Fish cake! (Talkin bass and all!)
I've got a long way to go, but I'm hoping to enter something in May when the next cake show comes around here. We'll see.
I also am convinced I want a Cricut. The newest tool in cake decorating. I entered a raffle to possibly win one... I'm still waiting for the phone call ;-)


  1. Gorgeous cakes!

    Oh I wish I knew when there were cake shows on here! I might look into it further!

    I also had a squiz at the cricut.. interesting.. seems too technologically advanced for people like me :D

  2. I am waiting too for the call! I love that cricut machine - the cakes looked soooo perfect! Don't you think they should have called by now?

  3. The VA Show was great - MD's show is the 1st & 2nd of May!

  4. Can't wait :) Might enter something...but not sure :-/