Monday, October 4, 2010

Monster Truck Birthday

Here's a cake I did kinda last minute for my boss' son's 3rd birthday. Originally I wanted to do an actual monster truck tire, but I just did not have time. So I came up with this idea. It would also go great for a racing car theme too.

The bottom layer was chocolate cake with vanilla swiss meringue and covered in chocolate ganache. Top layer is vanilla with strawberry swiss meringue and covered also in chocolate ganache. I've become a big fan of covering cakes in ganache under the fondant.

I was up pretty late putting the cake together. I decided to buy the fondant for this cake because 1) red and black are the hardest colors to dye the fondant and 2) it tastes good and I think the kids would like it better 3) I'm lazy to make marshmallow fondant. I bought Duff's fondant at Michael's. I think it tastes good, but it's so hard to roll out! It's so soft and when I was covering the top layer with the red Duff fondant, I was almost done and sealing the bottom and trimming the excess and it rips!! It was 3am and there was no turning back. I ended up making a fondant "patch" and used it kind of like a sign for the Happy Birthday part. Whew! I almost freaked out! lol.
What do you all think of the new Duff fondant?


  1. Great cake cara! I myself am not a huge fan of Duff's fondant - I guess because it's buttercream fondant...I never tried to cover a cake with it but have tried to do toppers - they never dry out and harden like most fondant - had a difficult time. If you ever get the chance, try Fondx - Luv it and I successfully made a great shade of red with it!

  2. Totally agree about the Duff fondant. Thank god I wasn't covering a bigger cake. In the past I've made marshmallow fondant for covering cakes. And I don't mind using Wilton to make figures, it's always worked for me. But I've been lazy to make homemade fondant, so I wanna try other brands. I will look into Fondx :)

  3. Haven't tried it, but let me tell you that cake looks amazing!!

  4. Gorgeous! Your fondant skills amaze me.

  5. Haha, I'm too lazy to make marshmallow fondant, too.

    The cake looks fantastic, Cara. I've contemplated getting Duff's fondant - thanks for the heads up!

  6. Thanks Ali! Yea the novelty of making my own fondant kinda wore off after I made it a couple times... just easier to buy ;-)