Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm back! (plus an upcoming giveaway!)

I was MIA this past week because I took a nice relaxing vacay with the BF. Escaped the cold DC weather and headed to the U.S. Virgin Islands. We stayed on St. Thomas and visited St. John as well. A nice way to wrap up my winter break as graduate school starts up again this week :( Here's a little taste of my vacation.... I can't believe I'm back in the cold again! I will miss being able to bake whenever I wanted during my winter break from school. Though I will find time hopefully at least once a week or so during this spring semester ;-)

I will be posting a giveaway this Tuesday!
So check back for details :)

~Cara Lee


  1. Lucky you! I need some holidays too!

  2. Aw thanks Nina! I wish I could go back... but gotta get back to reality for now ;-)