Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wilton Finale Cake (course 4)

So my friend's mom and I took the Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste course at our local craft store this month. I have not taken any of the other courses yet - I guess I'm doing them backwards lol. Since I like to be different I decided on my own design that's not in the book. I decided on a zebra cake with the fantasy flowers. Also, I made my own fondant for this cake and it came out soooo much better than last time :) Homemade fondant just tastes better than the store bought stuff. As for the flowers - they are all gum paste. Hope you enjoy!

My sketch

I don't always sketch my ideas because 1) I cant draw very well and 2) I never have time lol


(In the class you learn the carnation and the daisy. I modified the daisy to make a lotus/water lily)

Update 1/29/09
Here is the aftermath of the cake when we sacrificed it at work tonight LOL


  1. That looks AWESOME Cara! You found the class useful? I've wanted to take these classes for a while...

  2. thanks!! for a beginner the class is very helpeful... i already knew the basics of alot just form teaching myself though :)