Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cupcake Camp DC

I attended Cupcake Camp DC yesterday - talk about cupcake overload! I think overall it came together - being the first one and all. Some bakers pulled out last minute and they weren't sure if we would have a venue or not, but they were able to find a new one in time and some people (like me) made extra cupcakes. As for the venue, it ended up being at FunXion in DC which I had never heard of or been too. It was a little cramped and claustrophobic at times making it hard to get cupcakes when they brought them out each round. If there was more space I'm sure this would have been easier. But, I guess we should be thankful they let us use the venue last minute... and even though the bartender was a little rude to people (like not giving some people tap water!) But besides all that... I enjoyed the event overall! It helped I won something in a raffle: 2 free admissions to the Celebrity Cake Challenge to the NCACS nest year! HOLLA!

Silly me forgot to take pics of my cupcakes,
so I snapped a pic from some random person before they ate it

My entries:
~ Home brewed chocolate stout cupcake with Bailey's chocolate ganache and frosting (I think these may have had too much Bailey's which over powered the taste of the cake)
~Mini ginger citrus cupcakes (I think these came out too sweet)

Cupcake catastrophe

The view

Fun flavors

Slowing down and only 3 cupcakes in...

Started to collect some for later to try :)

Washed them down with my expensive drink (forgot it was DC when I ordered this)

Judges table!

This winning cupcake!
Chocolate covered strawberry from my friend Rene of Rene Takes the Cake!

Rene and I :)

And that was cupcake camp in a nutshell. Some thoughts for next years cupcake camp:
~Bigger venue (I understand that the first venue bailed so I'm still happy they were able to get a place last minute venue)
~Instead of bringing whole cupcakes out each round, it should be tastes of cupcakes cut into fourths for the big cupcakes (people would grab up the whole cupcakes and the people in the back couldn't get any. People couldn't even finish cupcakes anyways. If they did pieces, then at the end they could put all the cupcakes out and people take home what they like)

Those were my only real issues I did have a fun time! Props to Nicole for putting together all of the event! Thank you! Until next year ;-)


  1. Can you send me this pic of us? I'd love to post on my blog too!

    I don't think i got to try your cupcakes either - and we had one of the best spots to grab them.

  2. Sure! When I get to my computer I'll send it :)

  3. Cupcake camp was great, truly hope they do it again next year! glad you like my cakes ;) same to your cuppies!!!

  4. That looks like fun!
    Stop by my blog and partipate in the giveaway of a Nina Designs print!

  5. Thanks for the write-up Cara! Glad you came out and had a good time. I heard that your Ginger Citrus minis were delicious!

    -Nicole (CupcakeCampDC Organizer)