Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME

Well today is my birthday... officially hitting my late 20's. It still feels like my mid 20's, but I guess it hasn't kicked in yet. (UPDATE: I think it has kicked in... found some gray hairs! ACK!)
This past weekend we celebrated my birthday a little early and went camping for a night. It was nice to hang out with friends and relax by the fire and veg out (I can't tell you how many s'mores I had!).
Is it weird I didn't make myself a fancy cake?! It was kinda nice relaxing since I've been making cupcakes and cakes for others recently. However, my friend Jessica did make me a wonderful s'mores brownie concoction cake (thanks girl!!)
Well the rest of this week I will be preparing for Cupcake Camp DC! I'm kinda nervous - there are two other entries with (almost) the same kinda of cupcake I'm doing. So we'll see....

In the mean time enter my giveaway!
Have a good one ~Cara Lee


  1. You're super young! Don't worry about thirties yet!!! Happy bday!

  2. aw thanks nina!! i'm trying not to worry too much... but those gray hairs!! lol <3

  3. happy birthday, dear Cara!!! i wish you all the best things in the world, but leave a little for me too :)) kiss you for 27 years!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Don't feel bad girl, I'm right behind you (26)... I think grey hairs shouldn't pop up until around 50! I feel way too young to start seeing those suckers....Good luck at cupcake camp. Please post how it goes, i'm dying to know

  5. thank you so much everyone!! i'll definitely be posting about cupcake camp ;-)