Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone enjoyed their labor day weekend :) It was a beautiful labor day weekend around the DC area - good thing that hurricane Earl kept movin along and we didn't have any rain. I actually had to work all weekend, but I had off today so that was nice, but of course I'm exhausted. I was able to muster up enough energy to make some cupcakes for our work party today!

I did a bunch of flavors that I've done in the past including some gluten free flavors for a few friends who are Celiac. When I was deciding on flavors, I considered the kids that would be there and flavors that they would like. I love Oreos and I found these cute football shaped Oreo Cookies when I went to the store last night.
They inspired me to make these football cupcakes! A little pre-game before the season starts next weekend.
These are so simple and easy to make! Just make your favorite flavor cupcakes (I chose a chocolate cupcake and mixed in Oreo chunks) then dye the frosting green and use a grass tip (wilton tip 233) to pipe on the frosting to look like grass. I cut the Oreos in half for the toppers so they would sit up nicely...voila! Something tasty and easy to make for your next football tailgate :)

Until next time ~Cara Lee

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