Saturday, November 21, 2009

Island Cake

So for my friend's birthday I wanted to make a big cake and practice my fondant skills (and to see if the homemade fondant I made a few days ago held up and would work). Marshmallow fondant - did not work so well, but the traditional rolled fondant worked pretty well. It was hard to roll out big enough to cover the cake, with out it getting too sticky, and it broke a few times, but i got it! Just need some more practice rolling it out. I'll use the marshmallow more for figures and cut outs. Overall I'm very happy with the result of my first fondant cake :) We accompanied the cake with island and shark fin cupcakes. Forgot to get a pic of the shark fin cupcakes :( Special thanks to my "sous chef" for the evening Ashley for helping me!

(Click image to see details)

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