Saturday, May 1, 2010

Great American Cake Sow

This morning I attended the Great American Cake Show here in MD. It's crazy how many people attend these shows from out of town, from all over the US! I'm just glad it was only an hour away from me.

I took another class on flowers - hoping it would be better than the last class I took at the other cake show. The class was with Beth Parvu. She does some amazing work! We were supposed to learn a Hibiscus, Water Lily (Lotus), and a Bhutan dragon. She definitely had a lot of tips and was really nice. Our class was small which made it even better to learn. The only thing I was disappointed in, was that we did not get to complete one flower in the 2 hour time limit. I left the class half finished Lotus/Water Lily and a stamen to a Hibiscus. She offered to let us see how to finish the flowers at her booth where she sold her products after class. I went by for a little while but I had to leave early. Here is what I have finished of the Water Lily I made so far:

My half finished Water Lily

It still needs 2 more layers of petals, but it's so pretty! I really love Water Lillies/Lotus because they remind me of my travels all over Asia (I taught English in China and traveled around there and SE Asia). I can't wait to try out more flowers. I bought the cutters, wires, and colors at the show to finish it. I Still need to buy a petal veiner, then I can actually finish it at home. (Again - why did I choose such an expensive hobby?! *lol*) Well, it's just gonna have to wait until I get back from vacation - leaving on Tuesday :)


  1. gracias! and i still have soooo much to learn about making these flowers :-/