Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Early Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Early Cinco de Mayo

My friend Ashley and her BF had a little BBQ tonight. I always like to bring something including a dessert. On the menu was Carne Asada (for the meat eaters). So I went with the Mexican theme. I happened to have a whole thing of Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate around and I decided to use that. I'm a little "cupcaked out" (Not in a bad way!! Just wanted to change it up a bit that's all :-) I originally was going to make them spicy (Ash's BF loves the spice) but of course I buy the wrong spice at the store because I was cheap. Lesson learned: just spend the money sometimes! haha. I googled around for a recipe that had all the ingredients that I had around the house. I ended up making these Mexican Hot Chocolate brownies in that shape of mini cupcakes (of course lol). I topped them off with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting...mmm! *Instead of pine nuts, I did half plain chocolate and half almond (I added a bit of almond extract and chopped almonds).

Since my friend Ash is a vegan, and I didn't have time to really bake something vegan (which btw I hope to venture into that area of baking sometime soon) I picked up some vegan brownies at a local organic/vegan grocery store. They happen to sell vegan brownies (and other baked goods) from a DC bakery around here call Sticky Fingers. I tried one and they are goooood! Would never had known it was vegan.

Thanks Ash and Andrew for a delicious meal this evening :)


  1. They look vert yummy! Rico Rico!!

  2. I'll share with you the vegan chocolate recipe I have been using - It's great and a fave amongst my non-vegan friends!

  3. Nina - they were tastey! But you definitely need to like sweetness since Mexican Hot Chocolate has lots of sugar and cinnamon in it :)

    Rene - that would be great! We need to just get together and share all out info :)