Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Sweetness is my Weakness"

So excited about my two great purchases this weekend!

I went to the Japanese Street Festival in DC and picked up a new cupcake t-shirt from one of the vendors there:
Speaking of Japanese things, I also picked up some Matcha powder from a Japanese market near my work. I plan to make some green tea cupcakes when I get a chance :)

And finally, I purchased a nice cupcake tower. I wanted to make my own, but I just have nooooo time :-( But I think this one is good quality and will definitely be put to good use! Hoping it gets here in time before next weekend so I can use if for the wedding :-)

Gonna be a busy week of cakes and cupcakes. Due by this Saturday: 2 tier birthday cake w/ matching cupcakes, engagement party cupcakes, and a birthday order of cupcakes!!


  1. How do you like this tower? I'm thinking of getting this one - others online look pretty crappy...

  2. it comes in the mail in a few days, so i will let you know :-D

  3. I just ordered one - I wanted the large - but then I saw the shipping prices - ouch! Ended up with the medium...which size did you get?

    Hope it's worth it!

  4. i texted you... but i got the tower in the mail today - it came super fast! i ordered it like sunday night. and the medium is pretty big! im glad i didn't get the large :)