Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cherry Blossoms and Engagement Cupcakes

Every year around the end of March and beginning of April the cherry blossoms bloom in Washington D.C. And every April, Georgetown Cupcake features their cherry blossom cupcake. It's described as a "Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with cherries topped with a cherry-infused vanilla cream cheese frosting". This was actually the first Georgetown Cupcake I ever had ...and I was hooked!
Since today is one of my best friends engagement parties, I decided I wanted to try to make this cherry blossom cupcake - not only because I like it but to celebrate spring :) I made a vanilla cupcake with a hint of vanilla bean added in. Then I folded in some chopped up Morello cherries. Then topped it with a white chocolate buttercream. Overall happy with the way it turned out, but I wanna add more cherries next time.
And here are the engagement cupcakes for the party tonight. I made four flavors: cherry blossom, lemon, chocolate orange, and peanut butter cup. I tried to think of flavors kids and adults would like.


  1. I guess i had the same inspiration this weekend! I was stuck on what type of cherry to use so I went with the good 'ol Maraschino - Nice ans sweet!

    We stopped at Gtown Cupcake on our way home so I could try theirs - kind of disappointing - My hubbie said it tasted like he bit into a a huge chunk of raw flour...Oh well - I'm still impressed with Georgetown and can't wait for their tv show!

  2. Really?? Well I haven't had it yet this month - maybe today before I get to work... last year it was good tho! Haha, but that's what I was worried about when I was adding the cherries to my recipe - I went light on them because I didn't want it to be too wet either.