Saturday, April 17, 2010

Barney Birthday and an Engagement Pary

What a busy 2 days it has been! I had a Barney birthday cake and engagement cupcakes on the schedule today. I prepped as much as I could during the week (making the fondant, frostings, etc.) but no matter what I'm always racing the clock, and a majority of the time run late.

First up I had my, I guess she's like my niece, Chloe's 2nd birthday. She loves Barney. I decided to keep it simple and stuck to the Barney theme colors - green and purple with a little yellow. Then I topped it with a big pink Baby Bop bow on top. The decor was also very simple as well. I would loved to had added more details, but time is just never on my side lol. I was happy to use my new cupcake tower for the first time! I love it :) (PS - not happy about the pics I took. I didn't realize how to change the settings on my camera until after the cake was eaten! grrr)
UPDATE: 4/19
Here is a better pic of the cake colors! Not so frickin blue like the ones I took *lol*

I also had one of my best friend's brother's engagement party. I made a whole array of cupcakes and different flavors for them. Flavors included: Irish stout w/ Bailey's frosting, chocolate cake w/ green tea frosting, rainbow w/ lavender frosting, just to name a few. I topped them all off with a fondant "O" for their last name :)

Congrats Jon & Angela!


  1. Great work Cara!

    I love the Barney cake! And the flavours of the cupcakes..

    I really aspire to make great cakes some day :)

  2. Thank you thank you! :) I really wanted to add more details but I was already an HOUR late delivering it lol... oh well they were happy :) And as much as it stresses me out working right up to the time limit (and then some lol) its so worth it in the end <3