Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Royal Icing Tiara

This weekend we are celebrating two of my cousin's birthdays (turning 5 and 9). They are two extra girly girls who love all things pink and purple. I'm trying to think of ideas for the cake I want to do... flowers and princesses come to mind. I had some extra royal icing around and I attempted to make a royal icing tiara to possibly top the cake off with... what do you think??
Haha... I know I need practice! I've only ever used royal a few times and its usually to attach something on a cake. It's already cracked and I've had to repair it. So my whole idea may change by the weekend. We shall see... I'll keep ya on your toes ;-)


  1. Great job Cara! For a first time, this is pretty magnificent!


  2. Thanks Rene!! It's not tooo hard, but I need to play with the consistency of the RI or change the tip I think.

  3. That looks great... and you've inspired me because I was hired to do a Princess party for a 3yr old this November.

  4. Nikki - you can find tutorials/templates at cakecentral.com :-D