Monday, July 12, 2010

Fishing Cake

Finally got to present my dad with his retirement cake yesterday. He was so impressed he did not even cut it! It was a fishing scene since he loves to fish (typical retiree eh??) Haha... I also decorated the table with a fishing net, those fishing bob things, and gummi worms (I wanted to get fake fishing worm lures he could use but apparently they contain lead so it's a good thing I read the packaging!)I used my cupcake tower and put the cake on top. The cake was a 6 inch round and a 4 inch round tiered cake. I decided I like working on a smaller scale cakes now. It was so much easier to stack and deal with. I got all the fondant decor finished during the week, covered the cake the night before and then decorated it in the morning. It was the least stressful cake I've done so far :)
Cupcake Flavors:
Strawberry Margarita - strawberry cupcake with hints of lemon and lime zest. Then topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting with hints of tequila, lemon and lime zest.
Key Lime Pie - (one of my dad's fave deserts so I put it in cupcake form) graham cracker cupcale with key lime curd in the middle. Topped with a cream cheese frosting with hints of lime zest. Garnished with a little toasted coconut.
Chocolate Stout - a chocolate stout cupcake made with a home brewed stout. Topped with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting.
I stuck a few homemade toppers I made on some of the cupcakes too - can you guess where he retired from? lol... Well I'm glad everyone enjoyed and I received so many wonderful compliments (when I left only 3 cupcakes were left). It was a definite success!

Congrats Dad!


  1. super super, i love it! and Bailey's Irish Cream is one of my favorite drink. again, perfect cake! happy retired for your daddy!

  2. Thanks cccris!! Bailey's is sooo delicious ;-)

  3. That was totally awesome! It must have taken a lot of effort, but was certainly a labor of love.