Monday, August 16, 2010

100th post: Black Bottom Cupcakes!

Wow! So I just realized this is my 100th post!! Time really flies when you're blogging I guess ;-) Well good thing I have a fun post today for my 100th.

One of my managers will be leaving us this week to go on to bigger things. I won't be there on the last day since I will be away, so I made them today instead. For flavors she said chocolate and ras
pberry... I came up with a Raspberry Black Bottom Cupcake. I took my favorite chocolate cake recipe and found a cream cheese filling recipe. I modified the cream cheese recipe by adding frozen raspberries that I thawed out and drained though a sieve. I took that left over syrup and added it to the cream cheese mixture. I also portioned off some of the cream cheese mixture to make regular black bottom cupcakes with tiny chocolate chips.

I don't like naked cupcakes, so I thought a light smooth swiss meringue buttercream would compliment the cupcake quite nicely. This is my first time successfully making a swiss meringue and it turned out so beautiful and yummy.
For decor, I was inspired by my manager's pregnancy. Sounds weird I know, but she always talks about how she misses sushi. So I made some fondant sushi toppers: california roll, sashimi, ginger, wasabi, and a good luck fortune cookie :)


  1. They look delicious!!!! Have you looked at mines! I'm no expert, of course, but I love trying new things, and I adore cupcakes!

  2. Too cute! And yay for Swiss Meringue frosting!

  3. thank you ladies!

    Nina - I will check out your cupcakes, I peaked at them but did not have a chance to look at all of them yet :)

  4. omg! Those are adorable!! and black bottom cupcakes are my fav cupcake!! I like the raspberry twist to it!!
    And how did you make the rice look so ricey????
    Happy 100th!!!!!!!! I love reading ur blog, it's like watching an epsiode of cake boss or Ace of Cakes. Can't wait to see what the next creation will be!

  5. SUPER CUTE SUSHI! You should do a tutorial on that1 Happy 100th!

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