Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Phanatic 30th Birthday

I celebrated two birthday's this weekend - my friend an her husband. Though we celebrated both, it was mainly for her husband who turned 30th this week. They're originally from the Philly area, so I went with a Philly sports theme - specifically baseball (GO PHILLIES!). We actually became friends with our love of Philly sports so it was perfect. I looked around for ideas and decided on making the Phillies' team mascot: The Phanatic.

Isn't he cute?! I haven't seen anyone make him in cupcake form before so I came up with the design on my own. How did I do?? lol.... I complimented them with baseballs, hot dogs, and pretzels :)

And here is the finished results:
It was another fun cupcake weekend. I'll be posting a Phanatic tutorial this week!

Happy Birthday Ken!!! & Ashley too :)


  1. adorable CC and yummy hotdogs, you are good

  2. you are too kind! thanks cris :) these were really fun to make.

  3. wow, AMAZINGGGG tutorial.

    I'm actually trying to plan an alice-in-wonderland themed suprise birthday party for my friend.
    if you can, would you be so kind to create tutorials for alice in wonderland cupcakes? :)