Monday, February 15, 2010

Bully Buddies Benefit Show

So as I have been posting in my last few entries, one of my best friends Jessica put together this amazing benefit show for the dog rescue that she works with (Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies). There were 3 bands (123), raffles, t-shirts, dog collars, and of course my cupcakes. I had so much fun rockin out to the live music and selling my cupcakes in the "cupcake corner" (as Jessica referred to it as lol). And it made me feel even better that everyone loved the cupcakes! All the proceeds went to her organization :) Thank you everyone for supporting a great cause!!

Here are some pics.... I was so mad I,
again, forgot my camera :( I was running around all morning frosting the cupcakes and boxing them up and getting everything together that I didn't get to take any before I left either. Luckily, my friend Lauren did have her camera and snapped a few for me at the concert.

The Cupcake Display
I love my new Wilton rotating cupcake stand!! Each plate rotates!!

The Cuppies
I made fondant bone toppers - for human consumption of course

The Line Up: Red velvet, Vanilla Bean, Irish Car Bomb, Mocha and Peanut Butter Cup

The Cupcake Corner
Jess and I

Grand Total Raised: ~ $3,000

Congrats Jessica and the Bully Buddies

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