Saturday, February 27, 2010

Damask Birthday

My good friend from college ordered a birthday cake for her Mom's surprise _ _th birthday ;-) She gave me pretty much free reign as for design of the cake. I decided on elegant but I did not want it to look like a wedding cake.
This was my 2nd time at a fondant tiered cake...WOW I have come a long way!!

I hand made the fondant for the whole cake. I just like the taste better, but I definitely see why bakers just buy it - I got a good arm work out making it and then rolling it out for 3 cakes! The damask design is an edible transfer. First time ever using one - and boy that was FUN jk. The middle tier is real ribbon w/ a gumpaste name plate.

So happy with the outcome. I learned even more for next time...oh and I can't forget to thank my wonderful BF for his help ;-)


  1. This is gorgeous!! Can you say that about a cake LOL!!

    The flowers on top, what are they made out of?

  2. thanks red! the flowers are just fondant :) i believe it's a called a ribbon rose, and i learned it from Collete Peters (it's easy and a fun flower for so many ocassions)